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Website Up-Dates

Over the next 3 months, I will be re-working and up-dating both this blog and also my main photography site.  I will be adding my other photography sites as part of the Menu system, so when you click on the tabs, you will directly go to my other photography services: Nature Photography Site, Travel Photography Site, Stock Photography Sites, and in planning/design stage, my Portrait Photography Site.

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Newsletter Coming Soon!!!

I wll be producing my first newsletter, which will be due and coming out in February 2016.  My newsletter, will have a cover photo of one of my best works, along with my current projects that are in the works, and what photo sessions that I have avaliable.  I will also be having sales on some of photo’s as Fine Art Prints, which will be avaliable thru my Etsy Store (coming soon).  My newsletters will be packed with information about my teaching sessions (one on one), with a school course site that I’m also designing my self (Name Coming Soon).  I won’t tell anymore, see you all with my Newsletter in Febuary 2016.

Up-Date: Photo of the Year

The photo for photo of the year, will be posted this Sunday (January 3, 2016).  You will be surprised what photo made Photo of the Year.

Thomas Vasas Photography


Happy New Year from Thomas Vasas Photography

New for 2016 – Photo of the Year

During the month of December, I will look through my highest ranked photo’s, and I will pick out the hishest (5) photos, and post them on posting during the last 2 weeks of December.  During those 2 weeks, you (My Followers) will pick the best photograph for the Year for 2016.  More information will following during the next week.  Thank you for Following me, and leaving your comments.


Happy Thanksgiving from Thomas Vasas Photography

Photo of the Month – Will Begin November 2, 2015

The Photo of the Month will begin on November 2, 2015.  I was like to start today, November 1, 2015.  But I had to delay 1 day, due to my work and getting home late.  So keep a look out for Photo of The Month on November 2, 2015.  Thank you for enjoying my photography, and more will come.