A Photographers Journey

Below is a photographers dream journey to another world outside our solar system.  Just remember, this documentaion is not true, it is only a dream of a journey.  If you like what you see, please leave me a comment.

Journey to a New World:

Beyond Our Solar System


The year is 2025, we have made contact with a race of beings that resemble us and is a very highly advanced race of beings.  They introduced us to a new technology called the FTL (Faster Than Light) warp drive.  They helped us designed new ships to travel and explore new worlds.  They let us visit their world on their ships, and they let us bring our video and photographic technology to photograph their world.  It’s was a very exciting moment for the human race on planet Earth, to be able leave our solar system and explore another world full of advanced human race much similar to ours.


Their planet is called Paradon, and Earth like planet much bigger than our planet Earth.  It is much more beautiful planet than Earth with varied biomes like the ones on Earth. The Paradonians is much more advanced race that their world is much cleaner, with no pollution, clean energy from the sun, and is able to live in peace with their neighbors as well.  Their advancement also lead them to colonize their solar system, and have made uninhabitable worlds habitable to live in.  They have no wars, just only peace in their Solar System.  The Solar System is called Para, the Para Solar System.  The Solar System consists of 20 planets, and over 200 moons that surround these planets.


This journey is a photographers dream, as for other explorers to journey to this system with that many planets and moons that are 60% habitable.  If we could just learn from this race of beings, we can do the same for our solar system.  Just remember this is only the future, which could happen.  This story is not a real life documentation, just and example of a possible journey.

One response to “A Photographers Journey

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