Monthly Archives: February 2016


Photo of the Day – Trees in the Water

Trees in the Water

Cooper Creek Park, Columbus, Georgia


Photo of the Week – The Lonely Red Flower

The Lonely Red Flower

Charleston, South Carolina


Photo of the Day – The Window Grid

The Window Grid

Columbus, Georgia

The Key to Taking Pictures

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The Tech Giant Conspiracy

What is wrong with Google, and Facebook?  These companies want to fill a court against our Federal Government and the FBI.  People wake up,  Google and Facebook better stay out of Apple’s Business.  Google don’t make any of there products, other companies make them for Google, and as for Facebook, well that is another story, I guess all of us will losse our Facebook accounts if Facebook files against the FBI.  I feel strongly against these companies helping Apple, but if Google, and Facebook files against the Federal and FBI.  I will no longer ever use the internet again, than I will loose my on-line photography business, and my customers as well due to fact that Apple, decided to go against the Federal Judge, and I will loose more with Google+, and Facebook as well.  My God, Tech Giants please stay away from Apple, and the law suits that the families have filed against Apple, Inc.  I will probably expect AT&T, Verizion, and other ccompanies to file suit as well, in support of Apple, Inc.  If anyone supports me, please leave your comments following this article.


Photo of the Day – The Rocky Jetty

The Rocky Jetty

Folly Beach, South Carolina